Rosabianca Cinqetti was born in Verona in 1946. Her father was a technical designer who nurtured her from an early age with a love of drawing, and the need for a rigorous approach to the planning and realisation of projects. This discipline has been a constant theme which has characterised her approach to her work.
She obtained the diploma from the Liceo Artistico di Verona in 1964, and following qualification, dedicated herself to teaching.
In 1980 she attended courses in contemporary art by the painter Francesco Guiliari at the Accademia Cignaroli.
In 1982 Rosabianca took part in the Premio Lubiam in Sabbioneta and was judged the best student of the Accademie d'Italia by a prestigious jury comprising the critics Renato Barilli, Flavio Caroli, Maurizio Calvesi and Marisa Vescovo. This motivated her to leave teaching and dedicate herself full-time to painting.
She has always distanced herself from the "commercial art market" and instead has favoured themes of a cultural nature.
Her admiration of American photo-realism led her to develop her own form, deriving from the european perspective, and through which she has experimented, in an autobiographical way, to express her identity as a woman.

She is attracted by the challenge of large scale work. From mostri domestici (domestic monsters) using larger than life sized details of kitchen utensils which has allowed her to express everyday life, she moved on to emozioni di stoffa (fabric emotions) using entwined lengths of material to symbolise the bonds which tie individuals together. The cycle itinerari (itineraries) allowed her to approach landscape in an unusual and scenic way representing the various stages of life.
She has thereby dealt with the theme of grandi occhi (large eyes) a metaphor for speaking of the self, using eyes as windows not to see outside (il fuori) but inside (il dentro).
The most recent cycle crisalidi d'acciacio (chrysalids of steel) is a return to the large scale pots and pans of earlier times but from a diverse conceptual approach. In this programme of work the egg (l'uovo) recurs as a developing theme seeking to capture the worry of death and the anxiety of life, which are more or less always present in the works of Rosabianca Cinquetti.

By attending courses given by the Scoula Internazionale di Grafica di Venezia (International School of Graphic Art) she discovered, above all, experimental art.
Since 1992 she has been a founder-member of Atelier Aperto (Open Workshop) a meeting place in Venice for internationally renowned artists, who develop experimental techniques, and through exhibitions take images of Venice to the world.

From 1997 to 2012 Rosabianca Cinquetti was, with her husband Maurizio Angiari, responsible for the exhibition of Spazioarte Pisanello Foundation Toniolo di Verona, art gallery without ties to any market logic that had among its objectives the promotion of young people. The Spazioarte Pisanello has set up more than two hundred exhibitions.

Since 1997 he is an active member of the academic staff of the Academy "G.B. Cignaroli e scuola Brenzon" of Verona. From 2001 to 2013 she was a member of the Diocesan Commission for Sacred Art.

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